Accepted Joint Pain Causes and How They’re Remedied

If you are experiencing joint pain, and you do not remember injuring the area that is having the pain, there is another cause for that pain. Maybe you have overworked that joint and did not realize it. Maybe you are getting arthritic, or age is taking its toll. You could have an infection, or any number of other illnesses. You have to get to the bottom of what the cause of the pain is to properly treat it.

If you have joint pain and you also have a high fever and swelling, you should contact your doctor as this could be signs of an infection. In this case you would receive antibiotics and mild pain medications and some possible physical therapy to treat this. Once the infection is gone and there is no permanent damage, you can usually continue your life as normal.

If you have persistent joint pain that lasts over a week you should contact your doctor. If there is swelling or a high fever associated with the pain do not wait more than 24 hours. If it is due to an injury, you should see that doctor right away to make sure that there is no damage that could become permanent without treatment. Joint pain is often caused by arthritis, which involves inflammation. This is usually treated by giving anti-inflammatory medications like an Ibuprofen type medication.

If the joint pain is caused by fibromyalgia, this has no cure, but pain management is often required because the pain varies in intensity and can often be intolerable. There are other symptoms that accompany fibromyalgia, but the pain seems to be one of the worst tolerable symptoms. Degeneration of the joint is where the ligaments stretch out and bone runs bone, in this case, a joint replacement is called for. These have been done for years, and the procedures are much more advanced. You will require physical therapy, and pain management for the first few weeks or so. These procedures highly improve your life by increasing your mobility and by decreasing the pain. This is the goal of your doctor, to keep you mobile and independent.

If you have had an injury and you know that is the cause of the joint pain, you should contact the doctor and get in to have x-rays done and other tests to make sure there is no possible permanent damage or that the injury is getting worse. Joint pain can be something simple to treat, or something that requires more advanced treatments, but unless you contact your doctor to find the cause, you may live with pain that you do not have to.