What are the Signs and Symptoms of Acne?

Not only is acne a skin problem that teenagers are likely to suffer from but there are a number of adults who will suffer from it also. The main reason why a person has acne is that their body is producing too much oil and which then causes the pores on their skin to become blocked. If left untreated not only does it look unsightly but also in some of the more severe cases can lead to permanent damage (scarring) to a person’s skin. In this article we look at the main acne signs and symptoms.

In most cases acne normally appears on a person’s face, but it can also appear on their chest, neck, shoulders and back as well. These are all areas of their body where they have glands that can produce oil. When it does appear acne can take various different forms and below we describe what these are.

1. White heads and Black heads also known in medical terms as Comedones that are produced when the hair follicle openings become blocked with the oil and dead skin cells. Plus in some cases there may well be bacteria encased in these blocked openings also.

2. Papules these are small raised bumps, which appear on the skin and have been caused because the hair follicles have become inflamed or infected. In many cases as well as being red in color they are often tender to touch also.

3. Pustules are similar in shape and size to papules but along with being red and tender to touch they will contain a white area at the tip, which is made up of pus. It is this which if allowed to escape can cause the acne to occur else where on the body.

4. The next type of symptom that forms on the skin of acne suffering is large solid lumps known as Nodules, which form underneath the skins surface. As well as being large and unsightly these are also painful as well and have been caused because oil and other secretions have been able to build up deep within the hairs follicles.

5. Whilst the final sign that you may be suffering from acne is a form of spot, which looks very similar to the Nodules. But as with the Pustules it contains pus that if allowed to come into contact other areas of a person’s skin can cause further eruptions of the problem. Also if these Cysts are left untreated they can actually scarring to the skin, which can be permanent in some cases.

The biggest problem that one faces with regards to acne is that if left untreated and the spots are allowed to rupture they can lead to further outbreaks of the problem on other areas of their skin. It is therefore important that if you begin to notice that you have any of the acne signs and symptoms mentioned above you seek medical advice as soon as possible. You may find that there could be some other underlying medical problem that has caused you to suffer from this condition.